FAQ’s – Network Dry Cleaners

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Dry cleaning is a cleaning method for textiles using solvents. The technique is the same as wet washing (laundry) but instead of using soap and water, it is replaced with cleaning solvents.

That depends on the type of fabric you are dealing with. Whatever washing instruction is illustrated on the care label, that is the best option to go with when cleaning your garment.  Clothing made from fabrics that must be dry cleaned only do not react well to washing in water. Consequences are that clothes will usually distort in shape or damage the fabric.

Here at Network Dry Cleaners we dry clean garments exclusively in SYSTEMK4. SYSTEMK4 is an innovative procedure for cleaning textiles, leather and furs for which has a worldwide patent. The heart of the procedure is SOLVONK4, a halogen-free, organic solvent with a purity of more than 99% and excellent cleaning performance. SolvonK4 is also a completely biodegradable organic solvent that does not require labelling and is not rated as a dangerous material or substance in Europe; it has also been dermatologically tested with a “very good” result. It is solution that is not only kind to your clothes but kind to your skin and the environment.

While we work hard to ensure that all marks and stains are removed during the cleaning process there are some stains that we may not be able to completely remove. This can be a result of various circumstances such as the type of stain, how long the stain has been present and whether it has been pre-treated. Our specialist teams will always try to remove all stains from your garments, if you are unsure about your items the team here at Network Dry Cleaners will be able to advise you.

Generally, the dry cleaning process takes between 2-4 hours from cleaning your garment to having it completely pressed and ready to wear.  We do offer a same day service subject to availability. . There are some items that require specialist care and will take longer such as suede and leather. We have a specialist centre that houses experts in the cleaning and restoration of natural skins and fabrics.

Network Dry Cleaners offer a wide range of services including dry cleaning formal and business wear, laundry, bedding and linen, plus ironing for your everyday clothes and shirts and cleaning of household textiles such as curtains, duvets and sofa covers, rug and carpet cleaning and shoe repairs. We also offer services for more bespoke items such as wedding dress cleaning and preservation.   We also offer a convenient collection and delivery service so you can have your garments collected and delivered directly from your home.  

A moth infestation can do serious damage to your garments. Here at Network Dry Cleaners we are specialist in protecting your clothes and preventing damage. There are a few simple things you can do to prevent moth damage such as, spreading out your clothes inside the wardrobe, storing valuable clothes in garment storage bags, and deep cleaning your carpets every 3 months.  We also recommend you dry clean your items as the heat of the dry cleaning solvent kills moth eggs and larvae. Finally, we also sell a wide range of moth proofers and garment protectors.